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Every vehicle that enters our shop is treated with the personalized attention it deserves. We believe in the uniqueness of each car and tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your vehicle. Ultimately, at Garage Detail Mallorca, we are not only dedicated to detailing cars; we dedicate ourselves to the task of restoring and enhancing the unique essence of each vehicle, making every trip an exceptional experience.

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Why Choose Us:

Professional Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we are experts in the art of automotive detailing. Trust us to revitalize and protect the appearance of your vehicle.

Commitment to Quality: We use premium products and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your car receives the best possible treatment. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with every service.

Personalized Attention: Each vehicle is unique, and we treat each project with personalized attention. We understand the importance of your car and are committed to giving it the care it deserves.

Choose Your Cleaning & Detail Plan

Remember that the prices indicated in the package start from that price.

Premium Cleaning

Exterior hand wash
Detailed tire cleaning, tire polish, window cleaning and water repellent, paint polish.
Glass cleaning and water repellent and paint polish.
Interior and trunk vacuuming
Carpet cleaning with pressurized air (tornador) to remove dust and sand.
Cleaning of dashboard and door panels
Conditioning and hydration of interior plastics.
Steering wheel cleaning
Carpet brushing and hydrocleaning.

Integral Cleaning

Pre-wash with foam
Exterior hand wash
Detailed wheel cleaning
Tire & exterior trim polishing
Glass cleaning & paint spray waxing
Interior & trunk vacuuming
Carpet cleaning with pressurized air to remove dust & sand
Dashboard and door panel cleaning
Interior plastics renovation
Steering wheel cleaning and hydration
Carpet brushing and carpet hydrocleaning
Upholstery cleaning (brushing and power washing) for all 5 seats.

Choose Out Extra Plan

Remember that the prices indicated in the package maybe start from that price.


All polishes include hand washing, iron and claybar decontamination, wheel rim cleaning, tyre polishing and window cleaning to give the car a detailed exterior.

3-Step Polishing

Exposure finish, the most complete polishing with a cut step, a medium step and a fine step to leave a superior finish on the paintwork. Greater depth of colour, higher gloss and better finish in the sun. Includes iron and manual decontamination, wheel and glass cleaning.

2-Step Polishing

One cut step and one medium/fine step to further enhance the gloss. Remove micro-scratches left by the cutting step and remove further defects in the paintwork. Includes decontamination, wheel and window cleaning.

1-Step Polishing

A cutting polishing step to remove as many defects and scratches as possible and to restore the shine to the paintwork. Includes decontamination, wheel and glass cleaning.

Paint Sealing and Polishing

2-in-1 medium polish and wax that removes swirls, shines the paintwork and protects it with a synthetic sealant.
Large and Exotic Vehicles

Paint Protection

Soft99 Premium Fusso Coat Sealant

Synthetic sealant with long lasting fluoropolymer technology to maintain gloss and protect paintwork for longer. Protects the paint from the adverse effects of weather conditions such as acid rain, UV rays and salted roads.
Expected to last 6-12 months.

Carnauba Wax or Synthetic Sealant

It shines, repels water and protects the paintwork.
Duration of wax 1-2 months.
Sealant 3-6 Months.

SiO2 Ceramic Spray

Ceramic spray coating that gives shine, water repellence and makes washing easier. It does not give the hardness and/or protection of a coaring, it is a Top Coat.

Coatings/Treatment Ceramic


The best protection on the market. TÜV certified for 9 hours hardness Unbeatable mirror shine. Extreme water repellency, with resistance to chemicals and UV rays. Silk effect soft touch with a long lasting finish. Restores the original colour of your vehicle.
Up to 5 years life span.
Large Vehicles Extra +99€


The benchmark for all other coatings. TÜV certified 9-hour hardness. Unsurpassed gloss (Crystal Gloss Reflection CGR) with a distinctive silky feel and high resistance to aggressive chemicals. Formula designed to act as a barrier to protect the paintwork from unexpected scratches, UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, road salt. Protect your car with ZR53 and prevent your car's paintwork from fading over time and reducing the market value of your car.
Up to 3 years life span.
Large Vehicles Extra +99€


Medium-durability nano-ceramic coating. Superb gloss effect, high water repellency, resistant against aggressive chemicals, high scratch resistance and smoothness to the touch are some of its features.
Large Vehicles Extra +99


Protective layer of nanoceramic coating with an average duration of 6 to 12 months. Protects against UV rays from the sun, harsh chemicals, bird droppings and road salt. High water repellency and gloss.


Specific coating for glass with an ultra water repellent formula. This coating reduces the need for the use of wipers on rainy days, increasing visibility and therefore driving safety. It also delays the formation of ice on the glass and causes water to run off more quickly in the form of mini droplets, sliding off windscreens and windows.
Estimated life of 80,000 wiper cycles or 2 years.
Large Vehicles Extra +49€

Wheel Coating

Ceramic treatment for rims. Facilitates the cleaning of your rims and prevents dirt from adhering so your rims look like new and are easy to clean. For all 4 rims.
Wheels Removal
Wheels Cleaning
Coating Application

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